May 27, 2015

Fluid mechanics article retracted with no explanation - Retraction Watch

An article published earlier this year has been retracted from the Journal of Heat Transfer. But the retraction notice gives no information about what was amiss.
The article is entitled “Neural Network Methodology for Modeling Heat Transfer in Wake Flow,” and the retraction notice, in full, reads:
The above referenced paper is being retracted from the Journal of Heat Transfer.
We are unable to find a copy of the article online, despite the fact that the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) recommends leaving retracted articles available online.
We contacted the manager of journals for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the journal’s publisher (who is listed as the author of the retraction), as well as the journal’s editor, but have received no reply. We also reached out to the first and last authors, located at university engineering departments in Turkey and Bahrain, who we were able to identify in a listing on a Chinese library search engine. We’ll circle back if anyone responds with more information.
The article has not been cited.


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