June 3, 2013

Journal retracts paper for plagiarism, but mathematician author doesn’t agree - Retraction Watch

The Journal of Mathematical Physics has retracted a paper by a prolific mathematician in Turkey who doesn’t agree that he plagiarized.
Here’s the notice, for “Homotopy perturbation method to obtain exact special solutions with solitary patterns for Boussinesq-like B(m,n) equations with fully nonlinear dispersion:”
The Editor wishes to retract the article1 because extensive passages in it, including results claimed to be new, are identical to material in a previously published paper by Yonggui Zhu. The author has not agreed to this retraction.
The paper has been cited four times, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge, including once by another paper by the author, and once by the retraction.
The author of the JMP paper, Ahmet Yildirim, earned his PhD in 2009 and has published an impressive 279 papers. We’ve asked why he didn’t agree to the retraction, and will update with anything we learn.


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