May 3, 2011

How journal editors can detect and deter scientific misconduct?

Misconduct happens. So what can journal editors do find and prevent it?

While we don’t claim to be experts in working on the other side of the fence — eg as editors — Ivan was flattered to be asked by session organizers at the Council of Science Editors to appear on a panel on the subject. He was joined on the panel by:

Science executive editor Monica Bradford

Annals of Internal Medicine editor in chief Christine Laine

American Association for Cancer Research publisher Diane Scott-Lichter

Committee on Publication Ethics’s Liz Wager

Their presentations were chock-full of good tips and data. Bradford, for example, said that Science had published  45 retractions since 1997. And Laine recommended copying all of a manuscript’s authors on every communication, which could help prevent author forgery that seems to be creeping into the literature. >>>


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