January 1, 2011

U.S. Scientists Top Research-Fraud List -- How Concerned Should We Be?

A recent paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics showing that American scientists are responsible for most cases of scientific retractions and fraud is causing a stir.
The paper's author, Dr. R. Grant Steen, searched
PubMed, a leading science research database, and identified 788 retracted papers from 2000 to 2010. Steen's research found that U.S. scientists were lead authors on 169 of the papers retracted for serious errors, as well as 84 retracted for outright fraud.
China followed the U.S. with 89 total retractions, including 20 due to fraud. Japan was next with 60 retractions (18 for fraud), then India and the U.K.
Steen's conclusion: "American scientists are significantly more prone to engage in data fabrication or falsification than scientists from other countries.">>>


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