November 12, 2007

ITAP - Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics

The following information is brougth to the attention of international scientific community.
Recently, the plagiarism understood to be committed by some that brought shame to all Turkish physicists have found much echo in the international community.
We, as the Scientific Committee of ITAP condemn these unethical acts that attempt to defame the international credibility of many Turkish institutions, hope that authorities will bring the power of Turkish and international rules to their fullest on the culprits and announce that we are ready to help andcooperate with the implementation of additional preventative measures in this matter. In addition to this, we as ITAP Scientific Committee announce that some individuals, although they have no afiliation nor did any short or long term scientific visits to ITAP, have used ITAP's name as an affilition in their publications.
Currently there is no researcher affiliated by ITAP including the Director and the Scientific Committee members, and all efforts in ITAP are currently carried on the voluntary basis. As far as we know these publications are in the web pages (some are unfortunately already published)
and (withdrawn by the archieve)
The relevant administrators of these archieves are to be informed about this notice.
We as ITAP Scientific Committee, will make the necesary legal applications against these misuses of ITAP's name.
ITAP Scientific Committee


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