June 16, 2007

Corruption in Education Is Growing Worldwide, Unesco Reports:THE CHRONICLE of HIGHER EDUCATION


Corruption is endemic in many education systems around the world, undermining them and costing governments billions of dollars, according to a new report from Unesco, the United Nations' education-and-science agency.
The report, "Corrupt Schools, Corrupt Universities: What Can Be Done?," presents the results of a research project on ethics and corruption in education that the International Institute for Educational Planning, a Unesco body, has conducted since 2001.
National education systems in the developing world are especially vulnerable to pervasive corruption, the report's authors, Jacques Hallak and Muriel Poisson, say, but widespread ethics violations are by no means confined to those regions. In parts of the world, the report said, such as in some universities in the former Soviet Union, "admission to universities is entirely corrupt.">>>


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